Information For The Best Price Rental Cars

This special deal for rental cars makes it easier and convenient for you to get around AIZU area in TOHOKU region during December 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019.
JR Rent-A-Car” at 4 JR stations offers the special prices of maximum 65% discounts. The special deal is especially for foreign tourists who are visiting AIZU area.
You can now easily access to 22 ski resorts while experiencing AIZU Samurai cultures by visiting sightseeing spots with rental cars.


Vehicle type Vehicle Class 12hours 24hours 48hours 72hours 96hours 120hours 144hours
Basic type S ¥1,890 ¥2,450 ¥4,520 ¥6,590 ¥8,660 ¥10,730 ¥12,800
Basic type A ¥2,830 ¥3,400 ¥6,230 ¥9,060 ¥11,890 ¥14,720 ¥17,550
hybrid type ES ¥2,640 ¥3,210 ¥5,850 ¥8,490 ¥11,130 ¥13,770 ¥16,410
hybrid type EA ¥4,370 ¥5,340 ¥9,710 ¥14,080 ¥18,450 ¥22,820 ¥27,190
Wagon minivan MV ¥4,370 ¥5,340 ¥9,710 ¥14,080 ¥18,450 ¥22,820 ¥27,190
Wagon minivan WA ¥9,820 ¥13,330 ¥23,150 ¥32,970 ¥42,790 ¥52,610 ¥62,430

※Prices are in Japanese Yen

Applicable to customers who fill all the following requirements:

Rent-a-car Offices With The Special Deal

JR Rent-A-Car

JR Rent-A-Car(JR 駅レンタカー)

3 Steps of Reservation

  1. Fill the application form in the bottom of the page where it says “Promotion Code” and send.
  2. Receive an email with a promotion code.
  3. Make a reservation on JR Rent-A-Car web site;
    Please make sure you enter your promotion code in “Office & Date / Time” page.

    Please see the details of how to book for further instruction.


  • Reservation can be made up to 3 months in advance.
  • The special deal is available from December 1st 2018 to 31st March 2019. (The first day of the rent (departure) should be starting during this period.)
  • You will receive the special deal by entering a promotion code. Please ensure that you enter the code. In case you make a reservation without entering the code, you will not be able to get a discount at the rent-a-car office.
  • The special deal is applicable only at 4 offices of “JR Rent-A-Car(JR 駅レンタカー)”, Aizu-Wakamatsu Office, Koriyama Office, Shin-Shirakawa Office, and Fukushima Office. In case you are not returning to the same office as where you rent, you can drop off the car at different offices with extra fee, which is not applicable for discount. All the other optional equipment and functions are also not applicable for the discount.
  • Please complete the payment for the rent at the office with a credit card when you pick up the car.
  • We strongly recommend you to apply and enroll for insurance like Indemnity against liability and NOC support. Please see the details of those insurances on the website. The fee of the indemnification is not applicable for discount.
  • You need an international license permitted by Genève Convention. Please see the details on the website. Please prepare your passport at a rent-a-car office as well for confirmation.
  • Please see further notes on the website before making a reservation.
  • There might be a case where we are not able to accept your reservation since we have a limited number of vehicles.

Promotion Code Application Form

Please fill ALL of the following details. We will send a promotion code within 96 hours.

Number of people

Do you take your ski / snowboard in the car?

Country of issue

Vehicle Type/Class