Atsushio Onsen


Kitakata City is in the Aizu area, five hours north of Tokyo by car or four hours by train. At the northern end is the hot spring village Atsushio Onsen. The hot springs flow at the foot of Mt Iide, which straddles Niigata, Yamagata and Fukushima Prefectures.

The source of Atsushio Onsen is 70 Degrees Celsius salty hot spring water said to be seawater locked underground due to movements in the earth’s crust in prehistoric times that started to well up about 650 years ago. A further five minutes north of Atsushio Onsen by car is Nicchu Onsen, a hot spring area bordering Nicchu dam. The source of Nicchu Onsen is a low 40 Degrees Celsius, but here you can enjoy fully soaking in hydrogen carbonate hot springs.

Aizu area is one of Japan’s leading snow area. There is even more snow around Atsushio Onsen so you can enjoy the beautiful snow-covered scenery. With good-quality snow, you can have fun doing ski and various winter activities in the surrounding area.

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